Vasatokka: In Vasatokka downhill skiing is possible on the last day of the tour, when the group is visiting the Saariselkä ski resort. Please see the prices below:

Saariselkä: Saariselkä has many gear rental services available, the largest being Keskusvaraamo. The prices might vary a little, but in general they are close to:

  • Ski sets: 34€ per day.

  • Downhill set: 34€ per day.

  • Telemark set: 34€ per day.

Levi: Levi is one of the most popular and exotic ski resorts in Finland. There are various gear rental services available in the area, but the prices tend to vary around the following:

  • Ski sets: 32€ per day.

  • Snowboard sets: 40€ per day.

  • Ski-elevator: 35€ per day.