Firstly, if your flight is late only by an hour or less, our car can wait for you and there should be no problem. Just make sure to inform us and our driver in time about this!

If your flight arrives to Helsinki more than an hour late it is most likely that our bus has had to leave without you, but not to worry. You can purchase a railway ticket and travel ahead of us to Rovaniemi where our bus can pick you up again and take you to the Lapland resort.

If you have booked the flight ticket on your own, Timetravels is not responsible for refunding the costs for a cancelled flight or a missed package tour or covering costs for postponing a tour.

If you have booked your flight tickets via Timetravels and the flight is cancelled or rescheduled so that the delay with the replacing flight would be more than 5 hours, we are responsible to:

  • Refund the cost of the flight ticket and the trip if you would like to cancel your reservation.

  • Alternatively, offer replacing trip with the next flight (if available), depending on the rescheduling possibilities of the flight company we have used.

  • Ask the flight company to arrange hotel accommodation if the trip is postponed by one day.

  • If the flight company cancels the flight without a proper force-majeure reason, such as terrorist attack, strike or weather conditions etc. you are entitled to seek for compensation directly from the flight company.