According to the Russian border laws everyone traveling to Russia needs to have a passport which is valid at least 6 months after the trip. If your passport doesn't meet this criteria, we would advise you to renew it. This way you will have the best possibilities for a trouble free border crossing. Please contact your closest embassy or consulate for more information on how to renew a passport. Also, almost all non-EU/EEA citizens must also have a residence permit card to be able to enter and exit Russia.

We’ve had cases, when an EU-citizen has been able to cross the border with a passport which has been valid at least 3 months after the trip. However these cases are always decided individually by the Russian border officers and there is no way a travel agency can affect their decision.

Therefore we need to inform you about the possibility that the Russian officials might not grant you entry into Russia. If the Russian border officials deny you entry into the country, neither Timetravels Ltd. or the ferry company can offer any refund and you will unfortunately be responsible for your own return home. We wouldn't like to see this happening to any of our travelers, so therefore we hope that you would follow our recommendations.