When placing a booking at our website, it creates automatically a customer profile using your e-mail address as identification. When you are booking a tour next time, you do not need to fill in your personal data - just login to your customer account before making the booking. 

If you have a Timetravels account (you have made a booking to our system) and started making the booking without logging in, a pop-up window will open with text "We have found a Timetravels account associated with this e-mail address". It asks whether you want to login, restore your password or do an express check-in as a guest. Please note that guest bookings cannot be accessed or edited by our customers after they are done - this also will prevent you from adding Extras online afterwards!

If you don't remember your password, we recommend to restore it. Please notice that if you login as guest, the booking is not stored in your customer account and you cannot add services to your order online. We suggest not to make a booking by entering a wrong e-mail address deliberately, because in that case you will not receive our e-mail correspondence about the upcoming tour. 

If you have any problems with your customer account, please contact our customer support and we will help you out.